Why Digital Marketing and Milspouse Life go Hand-in-Hand

Sure, you spend a lot of time on Social Media; we know that’s how you stay connected to your friends and family. In fact, we understand that’s how you’re connected to your village, it’s how you build your networks, and how you find out about your next duty station! Every day military spouses spend hours on social media making those connections happen, but are you made of the right stuff for a Digital Marketing career?  Let’s explore the career and see why we think it’s the perfect REMOTE career for military spouses.



Digital Marketing and Social Media Management is a career that is more than just being a pro at updating your Instagram Stories, finding the latest memes, and figuring out Facebook’s new algorithms. Inherently, military spouses are adaptable, socially savvy, detail-oriented, and creative. We rely on our ability to look at the facts and create possible outcomes from nothing to prepare as much as we can for our families. In the Digital Marketing Role, you’ll analyze data from social media traffic to web browser traffic to evaluate if your content is reaching the right people. You’ll find yourself doing ad and content creation, and marketing campaigns that identify with the companies goals, but also are relatable to your market. And you’ll change and modify based on a company’s goals, and what the data is telling you. 


Social and digital marketing is changing the way we interact with a company, changing the way we buy goods and services, and changing the way people get news and information. This is an in-demand career that every company, organization and small business need to have if they plan on having success. That means that there are thousands of careers waiting to be filled worldwide. 


So why is it a good fit for military spouses? 


  1. It can be done remotely. There’s no need for an office when 

you can create content from your couch, in the middle of a 

PCS, or in a home office. So if you start an “In House” career, there’s really no reason your employer can’t allow you to move while keeping your same role and title. 

  1. It pays well. This career has a minimum entry-level salary of $42,000 per year. And with the right kind of certifications and specific training on the many social platforms, your base pay could be even higher. 

  2. It offers Advancement. This career can start off as something simple like managing a company’s Facebook and LinkedIn. But it can grow to SO much more. As you become an expert in analyzing data, other careers will become attainable like Project Manager, Content Strategist, Marketing 

Manager, and more. Additionally, this career lends itself to be 

a way for you to start your own business and managing many 



Spouses have a general understanding of technology already, so with a little training, and an interest in advertising, graphic design, and data analysis; you could find yourself in a dream career that is in high demand and is PCS proof.