Introducing…. MilSpo Academy

With a mission in mind, and after months of researching and brainstorming sessions, we eventually finalized a color palette, found amazing new partners, and worked closely with military spouses. We’re pleased to announce the arrival of the MilSpo Academy!  An institution dedicated to training military spouses for careers that offer competitive pay, professional advancement, and remote work possibilities. 

The MilSpo Academy is an online education and career center that is 100% focused on utilizing the skills military spouses already possess and turning those skills into careers that work well within the military lifestyle. 

As a company comprised of military spouses, and family of military members, we understand what military spouses do every day. We understand the sacrifices, the juggling of hats, and the ability to jump into survival mode at a moment’s notice. We know that not only are military spouses the most underemployed demographic in the United States, but those military spouses have a toolbox of skills that they don’t know how to market or utilize. And that’s where the MilSpo Academy comes in. 

When a prospective student comes to the MilSpo Academy (MA), they will spend time in the Career Center taking assessments and personality tests to find out which skills and talents they have. The MilSpo Academy Career Center will help the spouse determine which careers align with their skill set and passions, and MA will guide you to the right course. Courses are all online and done on the spouses’ time. Training for all courses includes live training sessions, assessments, projects, and readings that will prepare the military spouse for a career in Business Development, Recruiting, Digital Marketing, or as a Virtual Assistant. Once a spouse has completed the program, they will return to the Career Center to take their final course–Landing The Job. Here, spouses will work one-on-one with a career coach that will help them prepare their resume, talk about how to fill the gaps in employment, volunteer work, and more. Spouses will do practice sessions with a coach where they will simulate the interview, write cover letters, and will get guidance on where and how to being their career search. We will open the door to our hiring partners, cast your resume to our networks, and stay with you until you have found the perfect career for your employment goals. We firmly believe that while our training is excellent, it’s only good if it provides a military spouse with a career.  We are dedicated to making sure that career placement and spouse success is our number one priority. 

We decided that the MilSpo Academy needed to be created because we saw a gap in the community. Everywhere we looked we saw spouses asking, “What kind of work can I do from home?” “What kinds of jobs do you have?” And, “What am I qualified to do?” We saw that there were career fairs that offered in house positions, but with frequent PCSs and constraints on physical location, many of those careers didn’t meet a spouses’ need. Additionally, our experiences in the corporate world have taught us that sometimes the degree doesn’t matter, it’s how you use your talents and turn them into marketable skills to help a company or organization achieve its goals. The careers offered at MilSpo Academy are competitive, highly sought after positions, and are a perfect fit for a military spouse who has been underemployed, thinking about re-entering the workforce, or is looking for a new career option that supports the military lifestyle better.