Military Spouses and Business Development: You’re Already Skilled

You’ve probably never considered a career in business development at a technology company, and why would you? Most people haven’t heard of the role let alone what it is. But as a Military Spouse, you’re using business development skills in your everyday life, at every duty station, and through every PCS. The finest and fastest growing companies in the world are looking for employees like you when they hire Business Development Reps. The business development role identifies new markets while creating relationships that result in the sale of a product or service. You are already doing this job the second you receive orders to a new duty station as you set out to find the best opportunities for your family. Don’t believe me?

Here’s why you’re perfect for the role.


The main job for every Business Development Rep is prospecting. Prospecting is done by sending cold emails, making phone calls, or attending events with the goal of finding opportunities for the seller to sell. You’re already doing this when you research new duty stations, schools, neighborhoods, and homes from miles away. You’re doing this by making calls and sending emails to school districts, base housing, and doctor’s offices. You’re already doing this when you spend hours every night joining Facebook groups relative to your new base. Each and every one of these calls, messages, emails, and posts on Facebook is all about finding out who has the best ability to open up an opportunity for you and your family.


Qualifying is what Business Development Reps do when they’re trying to determine if an opportunity is real or not.  Guess what, you’re doing this too! Now that you have a list of schools, realtors, landlords, and possible activities for your kids, you spend your time trying to find out who has the best information and is the most qualified to help you make decisions before you PCS. This person could be a military liaison, finding the coordinator for elementary education at a school, or a member of a PTA. Either way, you are already taking that very long, coffee stained, and marked up list, and you’re rating each person based on their ability to be open to your situation and who is the most qualified to help you.


When business development reps look for new opportunities, they use their existing network to open up doors with people they don’t know. It’s a necessary skill to create connections to find potential clients. I don’t even need to explain how you’re already a pro at this. The second you hit “join” on that Military Spouse Page, you were creating a network. Your friend Sarah is getting stationed in Alabama so you create a private message and introduce her to your friend Julie who lived there for 3 years. That’s a network.  As you travel all over the world, you are finding people in all spaces with all experiences that are in your pocketbook for different situations you may encounter.


In a corporate world being able to multitask is crucial to success. Business development reps manage relationships at different stages and with different requirements all week long. As a Military Spouse, you are literally the queen (or king) when it comes to multitasking. Right now you may be planning your move while being able to still run that Jog-a-thon you promised you’d do for the PTA. You might be a Key Spouse and are hosting an event for the squadron while still helping out at the holiday bazaar.  You’re able to handle anything thrown your way whether your spouse is deployed or at home and you maintain these commitments and relationships in a positive way.

Communication Skills

In any job, communication skills are important for workplace happiness and success. When working remotely, or working in business development, these skills are even more critical as they are the bulk of the job description. The good news here is that the military has taught you how to do this whether it’s attending balls while seamlessly communicating with commanders, generals, and co-workers that your spouse works with or works for. Or it’s how you move into your new neighborhood and meet your neighbors as you create another village for yourself at your new duty station. You know how to treat people with respect, but at the same time create open and heartfelt communication that makes people feel heard and respected. You’re an expert when it comes to generating conversation starters, making plans, and forming relationships.


In business development and sales jobs, there will be 100 losses before there is that one win. Just like your kids, you’ve got grit.  You’re always bouncing back from whatever the military throws your way. You take the bad with the good, and you find a way no matter how difficult something is, even if it’s that duty station you absolutely didn’t want to go to, you will bloom where you are planted.

These skills have been outlined from a number of sources, by hundreds of companies, and by the best sales trainers in the world. Companies pay big bucks for people who have these skills, and yet, there are thousands of jobs around the country showing gaps in the number of people qualified to take them. As a military spouse, you have these skills thanks to the military lifestyle. Now’s the time to put these skills to use in a way that can provide you an opportunity, career success, and a sense of work stability when the world around you seems to be uncertain.

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