Recruiting: A Career Fit For A Military Spouse

When you think of A Recruiter, you probably think of service members, wearing service dress, setting up a booth at your High School trying to recruit about-to-be grads. And while the titles are not dissimilar, the role the Milspo Academy is prepping military spouses for is a little different but perfectly suited for many military spouses. 


So what is Recruiting? Every company out there wants to hire top talent. So recruiters work for a company or organization and set out to find desirable talent for roles within the company. But why would a military spouse be good at this? Here are 3 ways the recruiting role is perfect for a military spouse: 


People-Oriented And Eager to Help

Recruiters are people-oriented. They thrive in an environment where they are talking to, engaging with, and around a network of people. This is a career for someone who gets excited about meeting new people, likes to move around the room, volunteers in public spaces and wants to really know and engage with the person they are meeting. Those characteristics go hand in hand with one of the greatest elements of the military spouse community:  our willingness to help one another. If you’ve got a spouse in your neighborhood who just had a baby and you’re eager to set up the meal train or if you’re looking to help find a babysitter for a friend so she can go to work, you’re doing the role of the Recruiter. You’re looking for people who can accomplish the goals of someone in need. 


Networking And Communicating

The number one quality in military spouses is their ability to network and communicate with others. The greatest example of this is in the military lifestyle is if you’ve got a friend moving, you’re likely to connect them to someone who either currently lives at that base, or has lived there. When you do that, you’re finding opportunities and creating networks within your community to help someone else find a resource. For a recruiter, networking and communicating is critical. Recruiters will be able to create contacts in many different locations, at many different companies and organizations, so when they are looking for top talent, they can help guide a person into a career that fits their needs, style and career goals. 


Researching And Enjoying The Hunt

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys spending hours looking up all the duty stations you could possibly be moving to, then recruiting might be a good fit for you. If you’re a pro at finding the best schools, neighborhoods that fit your needs, doctors who can support your family, and find where the nearest coffee shop to school drop off is, then recruiting could be a career that is in your wheelhouse. Some of us can find the search overwhelming, but recruiters enjoy the search, love looking at what could be, and love finding solutions to their overarching goals, and love to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to problems. 


Recruiting is a career for people who have an empathetic approach to others, are great at seeing the positivities in the person they are with, and for individuals who love connecting people to solutions. If these characteristics sound like you, then Recruiting might be a great career choice.