MilSpo Academy is what happens when a family that is dedicated to making life better for those who serve our country team up with unstoppable Military Spouse talent that know exactly how to make a difference. With over 50+ years of leadership roles at companies like Google, Cisco, Dell, and more our team is a combination of the Sherriff family and Military Spouses that understand that with the right training and network a MilSpo is capable of anything.


When we got started, we knew the Business Development role was the perfect mix of good pay, career advancement opportunity, and the ability to work remotely. And while those who have graduated have gone on to unsurprising success at their respective companies, the role didn’t fit as many MilSpos as we wanted.

So we did our research, teamed up with industry experts, and reached out to hiring partners

to figure out what other roles made the most sense for the Military Spouse lifestyle and

natural talents. What we came up with was Business Development, Recruiter,

Social Media Manager, and Virtual Assistant. 


We built two of those programs in-house and then teamed up with existing partners that were the best at training what they did and…



An institution that is focused exclusively on bettering the lives of Military Spouses by assessing, training, and placing them in careers that matter.

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